How to care for your mat

How to clean your mat

We recommend hand-washing your mat with a wet cloth and mild detergent. Always dry your mats in the shade, with all prints on the reverse side out of direct sun to keep the colours vibrant. Do not iron or tumble dry.

How to store your mat

Ensure your mat is dry and then roll it up keeping the image on the exterior and fasten with the yoga strap.
Make sure you store out of direct sunlight.

How to break in your mat

If you notice that your yoga mat is a little more slippery than what you are used to please give it a few practises to break in. This is due the complex printing onto the microfibre surface. We recommend lightly spraying the mat with water or simply dampening hands and feet at the beginning of your practice, especially if you have naturally dry hands and feet.

Size – 180cm x 61cm, 3mm thick

Weight – 2.2kg