From The Start

Wild Coast Yoga was dreamed up in Raglan by two friends, Bridget & Mon.
The girls passion for yoga along with sustainability and a love of the ocean led them to start the brand in 2017 when they saw a gap in the market for sustainably made yoga mats in New Zealand.
We wanted to create deluxe yet environmentally friendly mats where yogi’s could get swept away from their daily lives and embrace everything the ocean has to offer during their practice.


Yoga Mats


Beautiful yoga mats inspired by the wild west coast beaches of Raglan, the place we call home. With world famous surf spots and black sand beaches Raglan is truly unique. Each mat features one of a kind aerial photography of famous surf spots in NZ or beyond printed onto luxury yoga mats.

Our mats are 3mm thick and made from environmentally friendly tree rubber base which is biodegradable and recyclable,  with a microfibre top which is made from recycled plastic bottles and with water based ink.

Our mats have an absorbent top layer of micro fibre towel bonded to the natural tree rubber that gives you sweat grip of a towel and the cushion of a yoga mat. Our mat grips better the more you sweat. You can also lightly spritz your mat with water to increase grip.

Great for both regular and hot yoga and have a carry/stretch strap included.

Cleaning your Wild Coast Yoga Mat

There are a few different ways to clean your Eco Yoga Mat.

We recommend you clean your Wild Coast Yoga mat with a dollop of eco dishwashing soap in water. Simply take a cloth and wipe down your mat. Hang your mat over a door in your house overnight to dry.

You can also buy our Wild Coast Yoga mat mist off our website which has antibacterial properties. Simply spray the mat mist over you mat after your practice.

Why tree rubber?

For a start our eco friendly tree rubber is biodegradable and recyclable. It is not only an environmentally friendly, renewable resource, but it also has a greater resistance to tearing when hot, better dynamic performance and won’t retain moisture like other synthetic rubbers.

Our mats are free from silicone, toxic glue phthalates, PVC and chlorine.

Slippery mat?

If you notice that your yoga mat is a little more slippery than what you are used to please give it a few practises to break in. This is due the complex printing onto the microfibre surface. We recommend lightly spraying the mat with water or simply dampening hands and feet at the beginning of your practice, especially if you have naturally dry hands and feet

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul “

Bridget and Monica